Doctors have several different types of treatments available to treat NSCLC. The choice of treatment depends upon many factors, including the stage of cancer, possible side effects, and the patient's preferences and overall health.

For some people with NSCLC, immunotherapy is a good option. Generally, immunotherapy for cancer seeks to make the body's natural defense system more effective against the particular type of cancer that a person has.

The KICKSTART study is looking into whether adding the investigational drug, tomivosertib (also called "Tomi"), to an approved immunotherapy with or without chemotherapy can help slow the growth of tumors in people with non-small cell lung cancer. Tomi is an immunotherapy that works by stopping certain proteins in the body that allow cancer cells to grow and evade the immune system. Combining Tomi with an approved immunotherapy may enable the immune system to target and kill cancer cells more effectively.

All study participants will begin receiving or continue to receive the approved immunotherapy during the KICKSTART study. This immunotherapy may be in combination with a chemotherapy. In addition, all study participants will be assigned to begin taking an add-on treatment, which will be either Tomi or placebo. The placebo looks like Tomi but has no active ingredients. Neither the study doctor nor participants will know which study treatment has been assigned.

Approximately 120 people are expected to participate in this research study.

What to Expect

  • The study center staff will talk with those people who are interested in participating in this research study.
  • If the study staff feels the person may qualify to participate, study staff will give a detailed explanation of this study and its potential risks and benefits.
  • If the person continues to be interested in the study, the study doctor and staff will conduct a few tests to determine whether the potential participant will satisfy all study entry requirements.
  • Once fully qualified, participants will be officially treated in this study

Participation Costs

All study-related medical examinations and study treatment is provided to qualified participants at no cost. The cost of the approved immunotherapy and chemotherapy, if applicable, is not included as a part of this study.